If you are looking for the well-paid job, this is a right place to be at.

  1. Do I have to pay to register on this site?

    There are no registration fees. The registration is free of charge.

  2. What are writer’s duties?

    You are offered to accept orders that are different academic assignments. Those are essays, reports, term papers, speeches, etc. Each assignment comes with specific requirements that must be followed. Papers differ in academic level and deadline. You are free to accept paper you prefer.

  3. What is an average payment?

    Payment per order depends on number of pages, deadline, academic level and your personal writer rating. Learn more about our prices and bonuses on our prices page.

  4. How often are writers paid?

    Our writers receive their payments twice per month. The payment period is 5 days long. You can request a payment manually, in this case conditions are to be discussed individually.

  5. How do I receive my payment?

    As for now we issue payments to PayPal or Privat24. Skrill and Payoneer are coming soon.

  6. Are there any bonuses?

    Yes. We have a special rating system for our writers. Those ones who show good performance and rarely fail their orders will be constantly promoted. Extra payments are awarded to our best freelancers.

  7. What is rating and how I get it?

    Writer’s rating is our special tool to make sure employees who work hard and show good results receive certain benefits. Writer’s rating varies from 50 to 100. For each successfully completed order you receive rating based on the assignment you tailored and your current rating. However failing an assignment will lead to rating loss. Failing subsequent assignment without recovering previous failures will lead to even greater stacking rating loss.

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