Easiness and Comfort


We offer comfortable working conditions for our freelance writers. Our state-of-the art software provides pleasant user experience in combination with wide functionality and intuitive UI. Search easily through numerous orders of different academic level/deadline/volume to find exactly what you need. Prove yourself as experienced and professional writer who strictly follows all the necessary requirements and increase your rating to gain up to 50% additional cash and other appealing bonuses!

  • Work without commitments and contracts
  • Comprehensive and responsive support
  • No need to submit bids or proposals
  • Take orders that appeal to you most
  • Easy to use UI

Fair Payments and Benefits


Here at TSM-Group we value our freelance writers and provide them with the most reliable and professional services. It’s our commitment to make sure that our writers are fully paid for their work regularly and without delay. Even further, to encourage our writers to perform best with every order we’ve developed a flexible and fair rating system that stimulates writers to do their best every single time in order to get a better compensation.

  • Salaries always come in full amount twice a month
  • Track you rating and make more money
  • Select your preferable payment method
  • Enjoy our high wages and bonuses
  • Flexible bonus system

Professional Growth


We help you to develop the expertise and deep understanding of the areas of your interest, giving you a competitive edge. We also provide you with ability to acquire necessary skills and knowledge to help you build an outstanding CV whether for a further progress in TSM-Group or for any other writing job of your choice. We offer you a unique opportunity to work from home or any other place and develop yourself as a professional in an international company. Grow and gain experience with us!

  • Develop and improve your personal skills
  • Work within your area of expertise
  • No formal qualifications required
  • Work whenever you prefer
  • Acquire new knowledge


  • Manage your time and workload yourself
  • Orders in field of your interest
  • 24/7 available support team
  • Working from anywhere
  • No registration fees
  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible schedule
  • Timely payments